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Originally posted by DuckMaestro
Ill repeat... *when i play games on DVI/LCD, it causes flicker on my DSUB/CRT*

has anyone else with the flicker problem tried doing that?

Yes Duck same here. Tested using two LCDs, using Blinky and a nice bright desktop.

Analogue on VGA = flicker
Analogue on DVI = flicker
Digital on DVI = No flicker
Analogue on VGA & Analogue on DVI = Both flicker
Analogue on VGA & Digial on DVI = No flicker on DVI, flicker on VGA.

The only thing which fixed my flashing was an LCD on digital via the DVI. For reference I have a 550W Channel Well Tech PSU and haven't had the noise problem from the card. I've also tested the card in my old machine, which P3 with a 350W Channel Well Tech PSU and it was exactly the same.

I'm fed up with some people repeatedly posting that there is no problem with these cards - if you have flashing on a machine with no problems with other cards, if the flashing occurs with the same card on different machines and if many other users are reporting the same issue, I think it's safe to assume that there is a problem.

For a top of the range card it's also safe to assume that affected users are going to be very pissed off and not trust the skills of company(s) responsible. Nvidia take note - you must give a full and proper account of the problem and if you are unable to fix the problem with software then you must recall affected chips/designs/cards.
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