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The kernel sources you donwloaded contain all sources you need, just not in the way you need them. That is what the 'make cloneconfig' does. When you run this command on your sources it looks at your current kernel and makes a clone for the sources which contains the same .config file used to initially compile the current running kernel (provided it is a SuSE kernel if you are using the kernel-source package). Remember that my kernel is smp, which there is no smp kernel source package. I had to make one using the cloneconfig switch. You then run 'make dep clean' to make all the dependencies and to clean up the compiler junk.

If that still doesn't work then you can copy the vmlinuz.version.h and vmlinuz.autoconf.h files (in /boot) to the '/usr/src/linux/include/linux' directory which will make the sources look like they match. copy the files to simply version.h and autoconf.h so you have:


You might want to rename the ones in there before you copy over them.

Good luck.


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