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Default Re: Diablo 2 Direct3d 8800...?

Originally Posted by Misfire View Post
in my experience, glide had more detailed graphics. while direct3d had a more blurrier look. Also glide ran a hell of a lot faster for me than normal d3d.
Comparing a Glide Wrapper to D3D, I better speed with Glide, and a less blurrier look, but then I found out what was happening. I had my CP forcing AA/AF in every game. I turned it off for Diablo 2 specifically, and as a result, the appearance was identical in D3D and Glide, but the D3D performance was a hair faster (due to lack of Glide).

Using a modern GPU, you cannot get better graphics using Glide over D3D (assuming the game isn't glide exclusive), because all the Glide wrapper does is convert Glide calls to D3D. It's a translation layer, nothing more. It should only be used for older titles that were Glide exclusive.
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