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Default Re: NVIDIA's 55nm-based GTX 260 to get 1.5GB memory!

Originally Posted by MaxFX View Post
This card features Volterra multiphase power regulation (no more Nvidia squealing, yes!), 14 memory chips (instead of standard seven) and 55nm GT200-103-B2 chip. 14 memory chips leaves room for cards with 1.5 GB of GDDR3 memory, and if dual-bank is used, GTX260 can support 3GB memory on the single card.
"End of Quote!

Woow if this is true, if so im glad I waited for the next card as GTA4 should fly with this card on hightextures

1. 280 and 260 cards memory on both sides, dont believe me, look again.
2. There are no spaces to add more memory, the backside to each memory chip has resistors(backside=opisite side of pcb from each memory chip), just where exactly are they going to put them?
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