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Default Re: GTX260 XFX Black Edition

Originally Posted by tejas View Post
hey i'm sorry to hear that too. Although you may feel a bit better that my XFX GTX260 216 Black Edition was defective on the first day I bought it... checkerboard artifacts all over the screen when gaming XFX are the worst Nvidia partner. Seriously it's EVGA or ATI... thats how poor the other partners are!

TBH I think XFX are going over to ATI so they are selling their **** defective Nvidia stock to you and me

Go for an EVGA stock card either GTX 260 or 280. Personally I'm going for the GTX280 and will step up to the GTX 290 when that comes out in Jan/ Feb 2009! You can't go wrong with their service either and seriously Nvidia stuff is gr8!
Yeah I agree, I almost always go with EVGA if I buy NVIDIA but I had heard good things about the XFX card including good reviews so I thought why not. Bad idea I guess, not sure what I'm going to do but glad to hear I'm not the only one with these issues.
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