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Default Running two XServer


I am using two graphic adapters in my system. A Geforce TI4200 with Twinview and 2 monitors and a second mx420 for tvout.

My wish is to run freevo or mplayer on tv, and be able to work at the same time.

I tested following configurations:
a) Twinview activated on the 4200, the mx as second screen without xfree xinerama.
Pro: ability to use tv and monitors independently.

Contra: The nvidia driver xinerama gets deactivated and all fullscreen applications use both monitors.

b) XFree Xinerama for all three video outputs.
Pro: Fullscreen apps work again.

Contra: SLOW and some windows start on the TV

c) Running 2 XServer simultaneous:
Pro: nvidia xinerama extensions should work again in twinview. TV fully independent.

Contra: Works only in theory

c) would be the best solution, but in practise follwing happens
X :0
would start the monitor XServer

X :1 -xf86config /etc/X11/

the XServer for the tv. Now following happens: Both monitors turn black as long as the tv XServer is active. Switching back to the first XServer console (CTRL+ALT F7) activates the first XServer again, but now the tv turns black.

Anyone a idea the run both X simultaneous, without using a patched kernel or xfree like the backstreet ruby kernel?

Thank you for your patience,
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