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Default Is it smart to buy a GTX280 or GX2 card right now?

Hi everyone,

Please forgive my ignorance, I always used to say I don't care about gaming and performance but now after trying it out I am addicted to video cards, overclocking and number-crunching (even though I am not good at any of those).

I have a laptop, a decent mid-range one I game on (about 7000 3DM06 w/ nVidia's Quadro FX 770M, pretty much a 9600M GT), but I am not happy with performance after hearing custom desktop builders get 2X to 3X the amount of FPS that I get on my favorite games (L4D, Half-Life: Episode 2, GTA4).

I am an nVidia fan, while the 4870 is nice I feel uncomfortable buying from ATI (I generally like the Intel/nVidia approach). I was thinking of getting into custom desktops this X-MAS and start off with one GTX280, but I fear it will be outdated soon. It is also extremely expensive, compared to the 1GB 4870 that can be had for ~$240 on

Will nVidia release a new card anytime soon? Or should I just go for it? I've done so much reading and with all these reviews, videos, benchmarks, for the life of me, cannot figure out which is best performance:

4870, GTX280 or 9800GX2?

All comments read differ, each saying the other one is better. I'm more curious between the top 2 nVidia cards actually. Then there are the following SLI or Crossfire setups:

4870x2, GTX280x2, 9800GX2x2?

I will never go past two cards, I cannot afford the electricity bill or a worthy cooling system for them, haha! Thank you for your patience with me, I apologize if I have broken any rules or come off as annoying.
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