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Default Re: 1920x1200 video playback performance

Originally Posted by azenz View Post
Well, I unchecked sync to vblank (the compiz setting was already correct), logged out, restarted the xserver, logged back in and played a HD video under VLC. Unfortunately no change (although for some reason the problem is less obvious with vlc than with kaffeine).

I have to admit though that I am not sure how to start nivida-settings at startup, I thought that changing the settings would change the xorg.conf file and so be a permanent change.

I unfortunately have no idea how to interpret the kernel messages in the bug log report, that's completely beyond me...
Put in the startup file of your xserver or your desktop manager the command:

nvidia-settings -l

Regarding the kernel message I did a search and found some kernel bug reports about it. Can you check if this message is repeated during the video playback?
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