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Default Re: GTX260 XFX Black Edition

Originally Posted by EciDemon View Post
I don't trust xfx either, had two cards from them die with in 10 minutes use ... but as Blacklash sayd its odd it broke on those clocks. Fan failure?
Not saying it was the clock speed but OC has always made me wary but I really will never know what caused it. I left Friday night for several hours came back and the computer was off. With the XFX card in I can't even get the system to post now, so I really can't see if the fan is spinning. Pretty much fried it seems, certainly smells like it.

Honestly right now I think I'm going to wait, I wanted to upgrade my card but since going back to my 3870x2 I'm honestly not noticing a huge drop in FPS over the other card on what I play. Not sure why because the reason I upgraded was because it did seem slow but I think for now I'm going to wait it out a little longer since I've gone this long. See what's coming around next before I buy anything else.
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