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Default Re: Overheating and similar issues with GeForce GTX 280

I just got a brand new GTX280 SC and I have a few questions for our specialists here

1. My GPU temperature increases to around 105C when running FurMark for 3-5 minutes with fanspeed set to 40%. The temperature does not increase above 82C with fanspeed set to 100%... Does this sound like a faulty GTX 280 or not? (No artifacts noticed / 1600x1200x8AA).

2. Furmark runs perfectly fine in benchmark mode however when starting the stability mode using the same settings like for benchmarking, the 3d output is complete garbage, even with a "cold" (45C) GTX 280. Known bug in Furmark?

3. Should the latest Forceware drivers (like 180.84) autothrottle the GPU fanspeed according to the actual GPU temperature or is the speed fixed at the setting defined in the nvidia control panel?
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