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Default Flashing the GTX 260

Here's how I flash my GTX 260s.

First I always use my original BIOS as the base for the new BIOS. I save a back up then mod and save the BIOS as something else. I use short names like E20.

What you need is NiBiTor, NVflash 5.67 or better, and GPU-Z is optional. I save my BIOS with GPU-Z because for some reason NiBiTor doesn't want to extract it on Vista x64 SP1.

I create a DR-Dos boot DVD with Nero. I place that in my primary DVD drive. I keep Nvflash, GPU-Z, NiBiTor and all my BIOS files in a folder I created on my C drive called NV.

I back up my original BIOS, then open it and mod it. Save it as something else in the NV folder. I make sure the file extensions are .rom and not .bin. Any .bin gets changed to .rom.

Once I have my BIOS ready in the NV folder I restart with the DR Dos DVD in my primary DVD drive. I go through its prompts until I can navigate to my C drive. Then I type cd nv\. After that nvflash -4 -5 -6 <insert your BIOS>.rom here. Hit Y when prompted. Restart and you're done.

As always flash at your own risk. If you decide to do it, it's on you. I flashed my cards because I wanted the core, memory and shader clock to be identical for SLi. Yes, I know that isn't necessary.

This isn't the only way to do it and it worked well and painless for me.


Nvflash 5.67,category/
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