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Originally posted by FredGSanford
Curious.... Now a very few people say and repeat over and over again that its the same exact problem as the ati 9700's/9800's have and that they flicker also. Now if this is the same exact problem why am I not getting this on the same exact systems without any conditions changed other the 9700/9800/5900 boards being swapped in and out and the problem only show up for me on the 5900 boards I've tried. So if this the same exact problem then why am I not having the issue with the ati boards?
I won't pretend to be an expert on electronic interference or the specific facts surrounding video card construction and design. However, it doesn't take an expert to realize that no two pieces of hardware are *exactly* the same. Throw in the variables involved with a complete system (case, mobo, memory, fans, etc, etc, etc) and you have a recipe for something that cannot be justly oversimplified.

In other words, with a problem of this nature (apparent electronic intereference, heat variances, power variances, whatever) you can't really compare apples-to-apples between an ATI card and an NVIDIA card. They're both very different on so many specific levels. In other words, the surrounding factors in your system that *may* be causing the 5900 problems cannot be assumed to be the *exact same* surrounding factors that would/should cause the same problems with an ATI 9800. If you put that 9800 into an environment that adversely affected other 9800s then I'd say you could/should more likely expect to see your 9800 behave similarly.

I'm not defending anyone/thing here. Just trying to point out that this issue doesn't lend itself to be something that can be oversimplified. That resulting simplification does not amount to reasonable or useful discussion which would hopefully lead all of us towards a solution.

At any rate...I'm getting a vibe that NVIDIA may have found a solution that can be resolved with some form of BIOS or driver adjustment. None of us can know for sure though for the time being.
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