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Default Re: Cheap SLI Cooling

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
The cause of your problem is probably the heat from your bottom card warming the cooling air going in to the top card. Any of the solutions in this thread should help out alot with this. The best thing to do is do a little experimenting to see which method works best for your setup.

Welcome to the forum .

Glad it helped, rage
Thank you brother

I ordered this:

Logisys 120mm Ball-Bearing 2000RPM Blue LED Lighted Case Fan w/3+4pin Power Connectors

So I will have 3 incredible fans with blue light making everything cooler.

I'm thinking in placing 2 fans on top of the video card, and another one on top of the Thermalright fan for the Intel Core i7 920 processor (overclocked 3.8 Mhz)

One question though, what is the best 'invisible' way to connect these fans to the video cards, and the Black Thermalright CPU Cooler

I have a transparent case so ever engineering that I do (while cheap and functional), can be seen 24/7 from the outside, so I need style as well

I have 4 blue lights inside the case (2 of them sound sensitive, and connected to my headphones), so when I hear music, the whole case lights up

Right now my 120mm fan is connected to the thermaltake using some HORRIBLE rubber stripe, I don't know what's the name of it in english

It's light brown, just horrible
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