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Default Re: 180.11 powermizer still broken

I have a major headache. ... blink ...blink-blink ...blink. ...blink-blink ... ... blink ...blink ...blink-blink-blink.
The display flashes|blinks in MS Windows OS too but not as badly as in Linux OS. ( It takes a couple of hours in XP to get the headache but only minutes in Linux. )

Hundreds of dollars wasted .... to get a GTX260^2 driven display which causes me physical pain because some overzealous green idiot will not remove bad code in the driver?!? I don't believe nVidia Corp could possibly be that stupid. The device must be defective.

EDIT: Deleted what is AYA waste of time. I cannot return for an ATI ...
The good news is that the blink-blink-...-blinking stopped after installing Mandriva 2009 and upgrading kernel 2.6.24 with Linux kernel It blinks in openSUSE 10.2 so I will try to get a 2.6.27 kernel(or build one) and see if that resolves the problem there too.

However, next cards will be ATI and next boards will have Intel chipset(s). I hate headaches. I bought what I thought was *the* best cards and displays that I can reasonably afford because I read a LOT of my system. I bought mainboards with chipset for onboard RAID to have cross-platform usability but nVidia won't provide the required drivers or even support the efforts to get them! ... I cannot afford this merry-go-round with nVidia.
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