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Default Re: LotRO DX10 Client = BOING!!1!11!!

Originally Posted by jcossin View Post
I had a 4870x2 and the framerates overall were showing higher but my gtx260 seems less jerky?

Also, the grass didn't move in the wind on the 4870x2?!?!?! At first when I saw that effect on the GTX260 I thought something was messed up and the ground was shimmering, then I noticed that the grass was actually moving in the wind and I was like WHOA!

Also, textures in the distance would flicker on the 4870x2, haven't seen that on the gtx260.

So overall, besides the messed up 180 series drivers, I'm liking the gtx260 better. Considering the 4870x2 was a $550 card and this card cost me a little under $150, that is VERY amazing to me!!!!!
I have a 4870 and the jerkiness you are describing is actually frame skipping which is an issue with this card in many games. I resolved it by capping the framerate in the user config file and it now runs smoothly with DX10 maxed x4AA and x16AF vsynch and tripple buffering enabled. I do get a slight shimmer in the shadows but it is not an issue for me. Before I capped the framerate I was getting between 70 to 80 FPS and the only area that the frame rate takes hit is in the Old Forest. I also get huge framerate drops whenever a rune-keeper comes on screen and from what I have read appears to be a driver issue. That means I can't group with Rune-keepers unless I play at 10FPS. I regret not going for the GTX260 as the nVidia drivers are far more stable than those of Ati plus the card overclocks like a demon.
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