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Default Re: LotRO DX10 Client = BOING!!1!11!!

Originally Posted by LordJuanlo View Post
Guys I have been getting mad with LOTRO, I could play for hours with no crashes, or could have full crashes within minutes, specially inside Moria. I rolled back to previous drivers, used the latest Catalyst hotfix, tried DX9, and still were getting crashes.

Until I found out that graphics drivers were perfectly. There is an issue with the Sound Blaster X-Fi and LOTRO (there are threads in both american and european LOTRO forums about it), if you enable OpenAL hardware acceleration under Windows Vista the game will crash with BSOD sooner or later. After going to motherboard sound crashes are gone and I'm enjoying again long DX10 gaming sessions with 8xAA with no crashes at all.

I have installed 3D SoundBack from Realtek (similar to Alchemy, but for Realtek chipsets), that program makes LOTRO believe DirectSound3D is available so I don't lose 5.1 support. Using my motherboard realtime DTS enconding I don't miss the X-Fi at all, 3D sound works great and the crashes have finally gone away. I'm really enjoying the game now.
I have X-Fi and have had no problems so far - I have not been to the Mines yet.
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