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Default Dear Juice,

I can't believe that you closed that thread. I can understand comaraderie, but I do not understand blind loyalty to another mod for the simple reason that they are just that. If one were to look objectively at the responses of a certain moderator, they would find that the bounds and responsibilities of moderation have been severely overstepped. If you want to turn a blind eye and pretend this isnt the case, well I suppose that is fine. It saddens me to see this though as I have formed such a high opinion of you and your opinions to this point. Not the first time my pollyannaish attitude has led me astray. Go ahead and close this too if you wish, just know that this behavior is quickly alienating one of the oldest members of this community. I click through on your ads to help support the site and refer others, but if this heavyhanded behavior continues I will have to reconsider my position in refering to you as one of the best fan sites out there. This is still a belief that I currently hold, however if moderator actions are left unchecked, or worse yet, endorsed by all of the moderator staff, then I will likely no longer feel this way about nV News. I find this sad, much like losing a friend.

As far as your suggestion that I take the matter up directly with the mod in question; I see this as counter-productive. I wish for those that feel the same as I to read my views and offer feedback, whether pro or con. When you as a moderator close a thread, you censor the abilities of others to offer opinions. Hmmmm, something you really want to do?
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