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Default Xvideo @ high resolutions: image corruption (I'm noth the only one having this prob.)


As another user already reported here XVideo screws up at high resolutions. At a certain surface width, Xv scaled pictures aren't smoothed out properly, instead every line of the picture is displaced. The width when it happens is between 1024 and 1280 pixels.

Unfortunately I can't take a screenshot of Xv surfaces, to show what happens. It looks like this (sketched):

Watching TV or DVDs looks quite interesting :-). If I lower the resolution to 1024x768 everything works fine. But with my current resolution: 1280x1024 -- corruption. Experimenting with the AGP options didnt help.

It would be great If this issue could be tracked down. I'm happy to help.

dominik // mail: dominik(@at@)

Driver: 1.0.4496 @ Debian Unstable
Model: GeForce4 Ti 4200
Processor: Athlon 600
Display: Samsung Syncmaster (LCD@1280x1024, LCD is digitally connected)
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