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Default Re: 180.* graphical corruption and freezes system

I have the same exact problem... X server locks up but mouse still moves, then it recovers after about 30 seconds... sometimes with screen corruption. Dmesg shows NVRM: Xid errors. For me, it only happens when using compositing or openGL. If I don't use those, everything works perfectly with no crashes or freezes. And the thing is, I can reboot to XP and play Crysis for hours with no issues. So it's almost certainly not a heat issue or a bad card. The same freezes occur when I switch out my 8800GT with my old 7800GT.

I have read several threads on this issue, and usually they end up telling you that if you get Xid errors, then your card is bad and you need a new one. But it seems like there are way too many people having this problem with the exact same symptoms.

BTW, I even tried switching my motherboard because I thought my PCIE bus might have been bad, and it didn't help. The only thing that works for me is disabling compositing and avoiding openGL apps. I've tried all the suggested fixes and nothing works. I'm convinced this is a driver issue that nvidia needs to seriously look into.
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