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Default Prince of Persia (2008) Official Release Thread

Unless I am mistaken there is no real game reaction thread on this puppy... just downloaded from steam a but ago and it is NICE, I must say.

Game is very fun, though as mentioned in interviews it isn't really challenging. The chick saves you from everything, but you do have to repeat sections. Same old PoP gameplay really, except combat is much cooler. I felt the need to play with a gamepad though, so KB&M only folks should factor that in.

Game looks stunning if you like the art style. There are a surprising amount of graphics options from AA to texture quality, though sadly no AF (try and force it later). Lots of cutscenes show some great character models and there are spaces extremely large and wide open.

Here are some oversized screens at max settings on 1920x1200 resolution. Runs at a consistent 45-50fps on my Q6600 + GTX 260:

If you're a PoP fan and like the art style, BUY IT.
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