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Default Re: Prince of Persia (2008) Official Release Thread

The first time in ages I receive a game one day before official launch date, my respect for the Spanish mail system.

Game is really beautiful, runs at constant 60fps with 4xAA and vsync at 1920x1200 and looks gorgeous, I love the new art style. Just like all my third person games with no need to aim, I use the 360 gamepad and for me it's perfect.

I like the humor of the game, it's quite funny and voice acting in Spanish is brilliant. Sound effects are on par too, with perfect 5.1 support. I love how fluid the game is, no slowdowns at all. I have finished tutorial and headed to the first area, fights are impressive.

However I don't like that you can't die at all, if you miss a jump Elika will "save" you automagically. No sands power, no rewind, she will take you to the last "safe" spot, but I haven't seen any "checkpoint" messages.

Not sure if the game will end being tedious or repetitive like Assassin's Creed, but for now I'm loving the new Prince of Persia. BTW why the game is named 'Prince of Persia' only?. That's the name of the original game, just like they did with Alone in the Dark. This naming scheme shouldn't be allowed
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