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Originally Posted by XxDeadlyxX View Post
Ah that sounds promising, so you can just choose 24hz from Display Settings -> Advanced Settings without any other configuring?

Unfortunately a Bravia 40" is a bit out of my price range, I'm looking at this one though:

It says it has 24fps playback, as to whether it works with PC though, I guess the only way to know is buy it and hope
Negative. That set will take a 24p input from a device, but it's still going to run at 60hz, and thus, force 3:2 pulldown. You need a 120hz set for true 24p playback. Go with a Samsung 6-series. Amazon offers them at excellent prices with no tax and free shipping. Prices below are current as of this post.

40" 6 Series - $1289.98
46" 6 Series - $1460.80
52" 6 Series - $1840.72

FYI, the panels used in the Samsung 6-8 series are virtually identical to the ones used in the Bravia XBR6 line. Samsung makes the panels in a jointly owned factory. If you buy a Bravia, you're basically paying more for a Samsung.
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