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Default Which brand do you prefer?

I always have used BFG's since theirs are factory-overclocked and they offer lifetime warranties. Once my 6800 card a few years back went defective, so they sent me a replacement. So even though I cannot say I never had a problem w/ their products, I did not dislike them.

But I've read some disturbing things about BFG cards in this forum and I'm beginning to reconsider the brand I should get since I plan to get a pair of GTX 295 or 285 next year.

So which brand is your favourite and why? People say EVGA's support and services are fantastic, but never having used their products, I have no clue. I know BFG ain't that bad either. I see other brands also such as XFX, ASUS, GALAXY, MSI, PNY, ZOTAC, FOXCONN, GIGABYTE, PALIT.

I definitely would appreciate what people think about this. Thanks a lot!
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