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Default Re: Cheap SLI Cooling

OK, I placed the fan on top of the sound card (no attachment or wires whatsoever, just placed it like you place a glass on a table)

It worked!

Now my case looks even blue-er (is that a word?), and my GPU cards are about the same

62 C the top one
57 the bottom one

If I run the ventilators at full speed (which also makes more noise), the 120 mm ventilators will make the GPU down by 4 C approximately

60 C for the top one
56 C for the bottom one

If I also apply the EVGA Precision utility profiles, and select 626 Mhz (factory overclock), and full ventilators, the computer will make A LOT of noise, but the final temperature will be (iddle, no game being played)

53 for the top one
50 for the bottom one

So, an awful amount of noise, gives me around 9C-10C less temperature in both GPU cards. It's not worth it to me, but hey, I suppose if you overclock your GPU a lot you might need it

My video cards are GTX 260 Core 216. Would you mind placing your temperatures so that I can know how good/bad my results are?

Ultimately, I want a cool and quiet PC. And I don't see to see the need to activate full ventilators (the 120 mm or the GPU ones) anytime

I also have a BIG ventilator which ventilates my feet hahaha

but really, the GPU ventilators are top speed make A LOT OF NOISE, sounds like an Xbox 360!

But at leats my objective has been accomplished. Both video cards are running at around the same temperature, and the more fans I place, the nicer my computer looks
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