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Originally posted by Jericho
Excellent post btw. I believe you are very close. I really don't think that it is on the margin of failure though. Otherwise why would it be rock solid through the dvi port only.

I am more thinking the voltage regulated through the 15 pin port is the problem. I am not sure if a bios upgrade can fix that though if that is the case.

Is anyone using a pure digital connection have the flicker?
Agreed, that's the kind of thing I meant, that it's the Digital to Analogue part of the card that is at fault. Given the buzzing and screeching some people are seeing with less generous PSUs there do seem to be other power related issues. If these suspicions are correct, then we will find no-one with a pure digital connection who is seeing the flicker/strobe problem.

Indeed I am suspecting that a simple fix (without side effects i.e lower performance) is a bit too much to hope for, especially given the amount of time that has elapsed since Nvidia agreed that there was indeed a problem.

Combined with the poor PS2.0 performance, Nvidias have a PR disaster on their hands with their latest high-end products, so I'd have though that a fast answer or at least regular feedback and reassurances would have been essential in order to fight the fire.

As it is I feel burnt and even my fear of "Worlds Worst Drivers" (Not the FOX TV ones, the OLD ATi ones) is not enought to stop me recommending a 9800Pro over a 5900U.
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