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Default Re: Cheap SLI Cooling

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
Your sound card gets hot? Strange.

Anyhow, 80*C should be fine, but obviously the cooler the better.
My CPU is as follows:

Intel Core i7 920 overclocked @ 3.9 Ghz

Ok, right now, with all the 120 MM ventilators to the max, I have this temperatures:

CPU: 38 C
GPU: 50 C
GPU2: 47 C

Now, if I activate the GPU ventilators to 100%, I get this:

CPU: 38 C
GPU: 47 C
GPU2: 44 C

Now, if I put the GPU ventilators, the CPU 120 MM vent and the 2 120 MM GPU ventilators to the minimum

CPU: 38 C
GPU: 50 C
GPU2: 47 C

Now, if I completely shut down the 6 120 mm ventilators (1 on top of the sound card, 1 in the side of the SLI Nvidia cards, 1 in front of the HD, 2 on each side of the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme heatpipe cooler) plus the gigantic 12 CM ventilators (yeah, this is having the CPU overclocked with absolutely zero ventilators), I have these temperatures:

CPU: 54 C
GPU: 51 C
GPU2: 47 C

So in conclusion, I have 7 ventilators.
If I completely shut down all the ventilators (of course, the 2 GPU ventilators are still running at the 40% which is the default), the GPU temperature doesn't seems to be affected at all, the CPU temperature goes up, but only 4 C or so

So in conclusion, I will remain with all my ventilators running, but at a minimum power.

I think when the GPU is overclocked, running at 700 Mhz, I might run all the ventilators at full power. But apart from noise, I don't see any benefits

I like having the lowest temperature possible, but I won't go up 10db-15db in order to gain a marginal gain of 3 C
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