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Default Re: Cheap SLI Cooling

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
Your sound card gets hot? Strange.

Anyhow, 80*C should be fine, but obviously the cooler the better.
Now I totally disable the GPU ventilators (120 MM, not the internal ones), and this is the result

GPU1: 55C
GPU2: 50C

So with the 2 extra 120 mm ventilators, I've acomplished to put both cards at around the same temperature

So with this, I hope to play Crysis at it's full, and not have 80 C in one card, and 70 on the other

So I hope I can have 70 C on both cards

from my experience, anything above 80C and the FPS actually start to go down

I can be playing Crysis at 62 FPS, but if the temperature goes to 80C, boom, the FPS can drop maybe 4-5 FPS.

So in GTA IV, I really want maximum performance, and preferably, with minimum noise
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