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Default Re: Which brand do you prefer?

EVGA is very hard to go wrong with.

Their warranty is second to none. You can even pay a very nominal fee when you register your card and they'll cross ship if anything ever goes wrong in the future.

And their step up program is awesome. I just bought a 280gtx, hopefully nvidia releases in january and I'll be able to step up.

I've rma'd motherboards to them after a bad flash, very painless and relatively fast.

They release motherboard bios frequently, both in beta and final.

They have an active tech forum, and /gasp!, they even post their occasionaly.

Then there is Jakup, a forum member here, so in a small manner they have a presence here too. Of the nvidia vendors, I feel they are the best.

fyi, they also have o.c. cards. I'm running a 280gtx SSC.

I'll stay loyal to them as long as they stay the great company they seem to be.
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