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Default Re: Prince of Persia (2008) Official Release Thread

I don't mind copy protection as long as it doesn't inconvenience the game buyers. I don't mind steam, even with it's flaws. I don't mind the need to activate a game online before buying using a serial number as long as I can always activate the game whenever I need to without limits. If limits are dictated then it absolutely requires a deactivate tool that doesn't require me to uninstall and reinstall the game in order to change my hardware. After buying Sacred 2 there is no way I will support a game that requires a uninstall to deactivate a game. It takes ~45 minutes to install sacred 2 (2 DVDs big + elite texture pack) Then you have to patch the game to the latest version and you can't just go to the latest you have to do the first patch then the second patch each takes about 15 mins each. The requirement to uninstall before any kind of hardware upgrade is absolutely unacceptable.

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