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Default Re: Prince of Persia (2008) Official Release Thread

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
The requirement to uninstall before any kind of hardware upgrade is absolutely unacceptable.
Couldn't agree more

a clear uninstall tool should be provided (even in the Start Menu), in the case that they want to enable a limited number of installs

I spent over $100 in Crysis, brought three copies of the game, so that I can play with my co-workers online

I changed my motherboard 2 times like in 3 months, so it was 3 different OS on 2 different mobos

The last time I tried to install the game, it complained about the number of installations.

So I went and install the crack, I'm not going to buy 4 games of the same title within 3 months

It's a shame they have false positives with this number of installations.

Crysis Warhead doesn't even includes a revocation tool, 5 installs and you're done
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