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Default Re: Best 50-60 inch LCD HDTV for under $5000?

Originally Posted by Feyy View Post
Pioneer Kuro - if you can afford it. Untouchable picture quality

Guys, I have exactly 48.5 inches of width due a cabinet that was made 6 years ago for my 36" WEGA and I had the carpenter use some specs for the "future" technology.

Now, I am looking at 47 and 50 " classes. I just thought, oh, I am going with LCD because its better than plasma.

So, I am reading and I like what you all say about plasma.

Are there any other differences that I should look out for ?

BTW, Pioneer's review was not as good as Panasonics in CNET, my problem is that Panasonic is a true 50" and I can fit the Pioneer.

Also, we watch at night in dim light, using during the day, we don't care just to get the CNN updates during a quick on/off cycle.

Talking too much, anyway, let it fly on plasma...thanks, newbie purchaser, want to do it any minute...ciao
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