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Default Re: Best 50-60 inch LCD HDTV for under $5000?

Originally Posted by pfeld1st View Post
Guys, I have exactly 48.5 inches of width due a cabinet that was made 6 years ago for my 36" WEGA and I had the carpenter use some specs for the "future" technology.

Now, I am looking at 47 and 50 " classes. I just thought, oh, I am going with LCD because its better than plasma.

So, I am reading and I like what you all say about plasma.

Are there any other differences that I should look out for ?

BTW, Pioneer's review was not as good as Panasonics in CNET, my problem is that Panasonic is a true 50" and I can fit the Pioneer.

Also, we watch at night in dim light, using during the day, we don't care just to get the CNN updates during a quick on/off cycle.

Talking too much, anyway, let it fly on plasma...thanks, newbie purchaser, want to do it any minute...ciao

Kuros are pretty much untouched when it comes to picture quality, but it also comes at a very high premium.

Panasonic plasmas are next in line(except if you take high-ends brands like runco into consideration) - they offer a very good picture that's easily at the same level as high-end lcds. They are also pretty cheap.

Then there's rear-projection screens that rival plasmas in terms of picture quality. You also need to remember that the bulb needs to be replaced after 2000-5000 of viewing. The biggest downside however is that they're bulky and big like old crts. The big plus here on the other hand is that they're cheap.

Then comes the lcds starting from the 9 and xbr8 series from samsung and sony and so on.

Front projection is still the best way to enjoy a movie though, but require a lot of work to set up.

Check out if you're unsure which type of TV is right for you!
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