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Default Re: NVidia and XRandR 1.2

Somebody raised a question about usefullness of XRandR....

I see one big need for XRandr 1.2 support. After Xinerama phasing out, there is no measure that will support this requirement:

- Multiple monitor setup and a touchscreen on one of them

Example is a tablet PC connected to a (big) monitor when docked. More and more people use this kind of setup. More and more people use touchscreens. Hey, I want all my monitors to be touchscreen-enabled, and I want multiples of them. That makes me more productive.

Think of it for a minute...

TwinView presents "one monolithic screen" to X and all programs. It leads to the touchscreen translation to the whole desktop. So you touch something on one monitor, but the pointer jumps to another monitor. It is completely useless - the touchscreen does not work like that AT ALL.

It happens because X and all the drivers and software have no information whatsoever of monitors configuration. It is hidden by TwinView. This creates numerous problems that make implementation of the above requirement IMPOSSIBLE. Not difficult, tricky, but IMPOSSIBLE.

XRandr makes it POSSIBLE everywhere except NV. And there is no good alternative so far. Well, A-T-I comes close, they do support XRandr (I wonder if that mention will cause the message to be pulled).
Here's the link: new fglrx for Ubuntu 8.10

People, chime in with your problem : do you use multiple monitors? Do you use touchscreen? Is TwinView enables you or does it stand in the way?
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