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Default Re: NVidia and XRandR 1.2

Just wanted to chime and and say that I use multiple monitors with multiple GPUS. Xinerama is painful and slow. Twinview is not the best solution for a lot of people. At my current job we buy so much nvidia gear for multihead setups and are always looking for ways around problems. It is getting to a point where they are considering windows as the desktop platform and use exceed to get all there X11 display because nvidia doesnt have any "official support" and we always experience some issue with different driver revisions, memory leaks,slow 2d, font rendering etc.

I would love if xrandr 1.3 were to be supported. Having multiple GPU's is supported in this (I think) were 1.2 it is not. Should replace xinerama?

Quad core q9450
8 gigs ram
two 9600gt in pci express (Might sell for ATI if multiview matures)
3 24" monitors (Xinerama, NO compiz !)

Its pathetic that my old P4 with geforce 4 ti4200 runs better than my above system. 2d SUCKS with xinerama - X CPU spikes when moving windows etc. I am not complaining but begging for better support for nvidia. I am an advocate of nvidia at work and we took it to red hat to see if they can get some pull as well. With virtualization the way it is today - with 3d support now in windows with vmware we were planning on using that but cannot due to nvidia drivers. Its really a shame. How are vendors supposed to ship with ubuntu etc with no graphics card support? Its getting old, really fast. We have old matrox cards that run better 2d with xinerama and multihead!
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