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Originally Posted by XxDeadlyxX View Post
Went yesterday and bought a Bravia KDL-40V4000 (was able to get the extra cash required). I have been able to get it to input 1080p/24 fine (says so on the screen at the top).

So who is correct, Jon or Medion? I haven't done much A/B testing between 60hz and 24hz however I *think* 24hz is slightly smoother in PDVD8, haven't confirmed yet though. Medion, would this tv fit into the same category as the 5-series due to having no 120hz?

And yes I get the slight stutter every 30 seconds too.
The Bravia XBR6 is 120hz. Your model isn't an XBR, it's just a V-series, which is arguably comparable to the Samsung 5-series. As for who's right regarding 24p playback, best to just consult the experts at AVSForum. While I was shooting from the hip, seems most of them agree with my stance.
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