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Default Re: Best 50-60 inch LCD HDTV for under $5000?

Figured I'd bump this post with some new information in case you still haven't purchased a set.

Originally Posted by Uberpwnage View Post
I'm in the market for a new TV, unfortunately everything seems to be less clear then it used to be...everything is 1080p, everything has plenty of HDMI ports, BS contrast ratio specs, so it all seems to run together.

A while ago I probably would have gone with the Sony Bravia XBR4 or XBR5, sadly those have been phased out and replaced by the new XBR6, XBR7, and XBR8. The XBR series were known for their scaling quality which is one of my major concerns.

The XBR8 looks very nice with LED backlighting, but the price tag of $7000 for the 55 inch is pretty steep. The XBR6 and XBR7 are "coming soon" and don't have a price on Sony's site. Are these Bravias a good choice or should I be looking elsewhere for the best quality/performance given my price constraints? Preferably $4000 would be a better price, but up to $5000 is if the added features are substantial enough.
For under $5k, and in the 50-60" categories, there are two sets worth considering right now.

Samsung 9 Series 55" - $4k ish

Pioneer Kuro Elite 50" - $4.5k ish

For picture quality, the Kuro Elite is a little better, but there are burn in issues. Stick with the Samsung (LED LCD) if you plan to play video games for significant periods of time, and/or you tend to stick to one television channel for long periods of time. When it comes to plasma and LCD technology, these sets are unrivaled right now. They are the very top of their class.

Originally Posted by Feyy View Post
Pioneer Kuro - if you can afford it. Untouchable picture quality

Originally Posted by 1337_Like_ThaT View Post
If you are looking to spend around $4000, I would definately go with the 52" Bravia XBR6, it would end up totalling $4000 give or take. If you have patience, wait until the 52" XBR7 comes out and see what that goes for, but either way definately go Sony, they have the television market down to perfection
Sony has a lot of people fooled right now, but I'm glad that they do. It helps stimulate the economy Truth is, the Bravia XBR panels, and the Samsung 5-9 series panels come from the same jointly owned factory, of which Samsung has a controlling stake. So, while the panels are the same, what's different? The back lighting, the strength of the light, and the interface. At the same price, I'd take a Sony over a Samsung for the better menus, but for near identical picture quality, they're not worth the price difference.

Originally Posted by RupertBanana View Post
Things to remember about plasma.

Screen unifomity is close to perfect compared to LARGE LCD, granted LED might help resolve some of LCD's issues.

Plasma black levels are more consistent than LCD, so even if LED LCD has a lower measured black level, it won't guarantee superior PQ.

plasma has virtually no motion blur, whereas LCD "can" have significant amounts.

Plasma technology is lightyears ahead when it comes to low signal strength sources such as low bitrate SDTV or 350mb xvid/divx.

plasma doesn't handle light anywhere as well as LCD, but has no problem with minimal light or zero light.
Correct. I just want to add that LED is still in it's infancy, and the LEDs are nowhere near pixel sized yet. So while an LED LCD can look better than a normal LCD in terms of screen uniformity, the Plasmas are still superior.
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