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What they said in the presentation today was that:

1) NV40 won't be out until the spring and will be made by IBM.

2) There will be a new card out this fall that is not the NV40. Its chip will ALSO be made by IBM. (This probably going to be the 5900SE series. Since the chip will be made by a totally different fab with a different process, there might be more difference than just clock speed. They just started production, so they may have had time to fix the flicker bugs.)

3) Existing Geforce, Xbox, and NForce chips will continue to be made by TSMC.

4) It takes 80 days to make ONE CHIP!! Profits are 28% on GFFX.

5) No mention on the flicker issue.

6) IBM is a lot better at making chips than TSMC. No surprises there!
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