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Default strange problem when overclocking quad

i will try and explain this, i boot up the computer up at stock speeds after cmos has been cleared use all the default settings, the cpu is running at 3.0 Ghz and i start 3DMark up and every looks to be working great. i then restart the pc go into BIOS change the settings so the processor is running at 3.6Ghz, all other settings etc computer automaticly turns off then re boots and everything seems to be working, i go into 3DMark 06 and the performance is worse at 3.6 Ghz than it is at 3.0Ghz what the ****? i then shutdown the pc, clear the cmos leave it for 5 minutes come back, i then boot up leave everything at default, 3.0 Ghz etc and then try 3DMark again and the performance is better, everything is fine. what is going on here? it is really starting to annoy me shouldn't in theory 3.6Ghz be faster than 3.0Ghz something has got to be wrong here for sure. any suggestions will be appreciated.

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it appears everytime i go into OC from the level up (manual set up) in BIOS this seems to happen, the computer completely shuts down then reboots after that even though i have left the settings exactly the same as before i get performance drops, for example 3DMark i am getting significantly lower frame rates, this is annoying performance becomes alot worse than before.
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