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Default Re: Best 50-60 inch LCD HDTV for under $5000?

Burn in is only an issue on low end plasmas - at the high end it's been pretty much eliminated altogether.
Burn in is still an issue with plasmas. It's been reduced, but it's still there. Also, the whole whitewashing feature is best to avoid, as it significantly reduced the lifespan of the set.

Just because the panels come from the same factory doesn't automatically mean that they'll have the exact same picture quality. There are a lot of differences between the two, many of whom you listed in your post, and there's a reason why sony's TVs tend to look and do better as of late compared to the rivaling samsung models.
While there are subtle differences, you'll find just as many people favoring the Sony equivalent as you will the Samsung equivalent. They're closer than Coke and Pepsi.
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