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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
A jitter every 20 seconds is more likely a problem with pdvd than the 24hz mode. I watch all my blurays in this mode off the PC and PS3 and don't have any problems with it.

I picked the scene from Batman begins where it slowly moves across the mountains... and I would always notice a little bit of a jitter there and then I started to notice it in all films... But the jitter would always be in specific places, usually when the camera was panning horizontally. They were not at fixed intervals. With the 24hz mode, it looks totally smooth to me now.
I think it's a vista specific issue as I have it with all my playback programs. VLC, mpc HC and pdvd all suffer from it. And it's completely random for me, but at a steady interval of ~30seconds.
Both ATi and nvidia suffer from it, but the problem can almost be eliminated on ati cards by the use of powerstrip. Here's a thread about the issue over at
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