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While I understand that in any police state like environment, there has to be an element of control over unruly actions, that's simply not what's going on here. I see someone expressing their frustrations over recent events, and being shut out for it. Angels compared to mods on other sites, perhaps. But your certainly not Gods. Why are opinions being cut down as immature? Do the opinions of only the moderators count here at nV News? Why is it ok that a moderator lashes out at someone for something as simple as inquiring about a 3dMark score, but when a user posts concerns about the actions of a moderator they're accused of having the cognitive capacity of a six year old? It seems to me that this is a double standard. And at that a fairly large and particularily disturbing one.

In one thread, somebody asked about their 3dmark score with relation to their hardware. Here is someone who respects the opinion of the patrons of your message board. This person is met with the general posts. Some say it's good, some say it's average, etc. Then a moderator comes along and basically tells the person to go play a game and stop wasting everyone's time by posting insignificant nonsense. When questioned about this outburst, this moderator replies by saying they're sorry, but are having a bad week at work.

I'm new to this board, but is this the kind of behavior I can expect to see out of moderators? Are the validity of my opinions and concerns dependant on how your week is going? This, to me, doesn't constitute fair and impartial treatment. And if it's typical of the administration of the nV News forums, I feel sorry for the new users whom you are making an effort to "protect" by shuffling posts around and closing threads.
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