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Like I said in a previous post, Nvidia would not publically denounce their own own product... DOH!

I use the DVI connector on my GFX card a on a CRT display and I still get flicker....

There is a definite problem with power, as I HAVE proven this by replacing my bog-standard PSU with a lovely Antec Truepower 550 which solved my clicking noise issue with the card....... also improving performance!!

I have a feeling that we are going to be stuck with our dud cards....... seems odd to me that Nvidia have decided to goto a different chip maker..

1) It would be cheaper and quicker (production)!! Is this so they can lower the cost of the card? Is there going to be a price war included in the ATI/Nvidia war.. like AMD and Intel??

2) and/or have they discovered that the flicking/noise fault lies with the chipset???

I'll go with a 50/50 thang..... look out out for Cheapr Nvidia products in the near future.....

Only speculation but I do have a gut feeling we are not going to get any easy solution to our problems........ so lets stop speculating about BIOS and Driver updates to solve our problem, it goes deeper than this.

Those that come on here pretending to be in the frame with Nvidia, shut up. You do not support your arguments and are just waisting time.... with your bull****!

Isn't there an ATI forum for you ATI users... again go away and play elsewhere. I've read several post where you guys are just boasting and gloat about your ATI cards... the people I know on ATI cards suffer crashes, crappy gfx etc...... at least 4 of my mates have turned to Nvidia due to this and they'll never look back!! Yes, Nvidia have made a major boo boo with the FX series (or at least 5900), we all make mistakes.. I know I did spending the money on the card... but I'll stand by Nvidia for now.... I think i'll wait at least 6mnths before buying the NV40 though!!

Nuff said!
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