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hmmm check this out...

contrary to what the "nvidia official says", based on the majority of posts i have read here it appears that the 9800 does not have the same exact flicker problem as the fx5900 does... further posts indicate to me that the 9800 doesnt have a flicker problem at all!? am i wrong here or does it appear that "nvidia official" is wrong?

maybe if the two cards have some sort of different problem on each, maybe the "nvidia official" ment that they both have the same cause or source of the problem?


and dont bother reading the 2nd half of that page, the rest is garbage (some of the editors there are 'unusual').. i do laugh though.... "might need to go back as far as Direct-X 5 [to fix the flicker problem]" ...... lol... though who knows, anything might fix it?

- Duck
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