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Originally posted by DuckMaestro
contrary to what the "nvidia official says", based on the majority of posts i have read here it appears that the 9800 does not have the same exact flicker problem as the fx5900 does... further posts indicate to me that the 9800 doesnt have a flicker problem at all!? am i wrong here or does it appear that "nvidia official" is wrong?
From what i've read on other boards, the problem seen on Radeon cards (and from the posts it looks like the earlier 9500/9700 as opposed to the latest 9600/9800 series) is described most frequently as rolling lines, which is certainly not the same problem we are seeing on GFFX5900U. Also they suggest that using the DVI->DSUB adapter fixes the problem doesn't apply to the GFFX5900U.

Of course Nvidia would love us to believe that the two problems are related so that their flagship product appears less flawed, that somehow these problems are somehow related to working on the fringes of uber graphics technology and are not simply by-products of insufficient testing. NVPR would be pumping out this message to spread FUD so that people warned about the problems on the GFFX5900U don't instantly switch to buying a 9800Pro because they've heard that both products have the same problem, but I think the recently confirmed poor PS2.0 performance will be driving people away in droves anyway.

Of course, I don't know the causes of either problem, so they may at some level have common causes but sadly for Nvidia (and ATi for that matter) two wrongs don't make a right.
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