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Well I guess I'll just talk to myself...

I got my Q6600 to 3.6ghz (400 x 9) but I couldn't keep it P95 stable. I upped the voltage to 1.48 but even then it was having issues. So I just backed it off to 3.51 (395 x 9). It primed for a while but when I came back to check on it I had a nice big BSOD. So I just went down some more and I'm currently running it at 3.42GHz.

Here is a pic for once, so you don't need to read.

I think it's set to 1.4625V in BIOS, and it is pencil modded for VDroop.

When I have more time I'll try to make sure it's stable and figure out what else I need to make it run at higher clocks.
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