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Default Re: GTX 280 SLI w/XP?

Originally Posted by mitebbots View Post
Will an GTX 280 SLI work well with XP as the OS?

Will the SLI be worth it or should we stick with one card?
Depends on the rest of your system specs, what video cards you'd be using, and the resolution at which you'd be gaming. You'd need a fairly powerful CPU and a high resolution display (1920x1200 at least) to really see a benefit from going SLI on the GTX 200 series of GPUs. If you plan on using 1680x1050, a single GTX 260 or 280 would be more than sufficient.

XP x64 sounds nice for the extra memory support. Would most games run on XP x64?
Is there any particular reason why he wouldn't want to use Vista? If you're building a so called high-end system, Vista x64 is a no-brainer. It has far better support than XP64. You could always set up a dual boot between XP32 and Vista x64 to ease any transition.
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