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Originally posted by Agent31
caretaker, I'd have to agree with you on the lack of backward compatibility.

EA's F1-2002 stopped working completely, it gets as far as the splash screen then drops back to the desktop with no error messages. Rolling back to the 3x.xx series drivers resolved the issue.

It's quite a shame they're having these problems since the new nView utility is quite a step forward.
I agree, for the many demos and games that do work with them, they are much faster and smoother. But alas, there are quite a few that don't work. Let's hope they get it fixed when they go official.

BTW I'd better add my spec too

MSI K7T266 Pro 2 MB
2000XP psu
Running WindowsXP Home
Enermax Gold (twin fan) PSU
Creative GeForce3
Sound blaster live value
Hollywood Real Magic DVD/Mpeg card
Diamond Supra Express Pro 56i
Sony 16x/10x/40x CDR
Daewoo 710B 17" monitor
8x DVD (??)
Mustek 1200UB scanner
Lexmark Z11 printer

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