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Default Re: GTX 280 SLI w/XP?

why is Vista X64 a no brainer? Just wondering...... Im NOT a Vista hater by any means, but to be quite honest with everyone here, I've had the best luck, best performing, least amount of headaches with XP64 over the past 1 1/2 years. I do have Vista 64 installed on another machine next to me, but I just dont like gaming with it. I have 2 IDENTICAL PC's next to me, with the exact same games installed on them. XP64 plays them smoother, hands down for me. HL2 EP2, UT3, are the games im talking about. Of course this could be that Nvidia drivers are more "in tune" for XP MAYBE, I dont know, but this is my conclusion and im sticking to it.
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