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Default The EZ stat way...

Press tab and type "stat fps" to bring up the FPS status. TAB basically makes it so you can issue a console command w/out 'bringing down the console' also for something fun type "behindview 1" to experiance 3rd person view mode, as you CS players would guess "behindview 0" to turn it off.

Soooo any1 here get exceptional framerates in the UT2003 Linux version? I remember in M$ Windoze I would edit the options under the UT2003.ini, although in Linux an ini is not availible except default.ini, my question is, if i edit this will it change my settings? And I also recall a console command for UT that would bring up advanced preferences that I used to get more FPS... And one last quick question Is opengl virtualsync enabled by default? and if so how would I go about disabling it. Thank you guys for helping me, as this is day 3 in Mandrake 8.2! I am really going crazy as when the new Mandrake 9.0 distro will be released!!!

Oh I almost forgot, yes I am using the newest Nvidia drivers!

BTW Dizzee whut G4 MX or TI, and like the 4200 or like the 4600 if ti, thx

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