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Default Re: The trek to 3.8 Ghz+ on E8400

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
Up to 3.6Ghz now. Amazingly enough, the settings are still exactly the same!

Opening up the case shows that the northbridge is pretty warm to the touch, but the HD4870 is still by far the hottest thing in this case.

Max temperature on the CPU is still 44C.
Memory is at 800Mhz 4-4-4-12 2T 2.0V
CPU is at 3.6Ghz, 1.25 Vcore (9x400mhz)

I'm starting to really love this CPU!

I wish my E6600 could do this...
pfft, that thing will do 4 easy.

only reason i dont have mine at 4 is my RAM/Mobo timings wont allow it

if you want higher OC's go with DFI. and yes, all of these E8400's OC like that haha. one reason i went with it over the Q6600.
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